Machinery & Equipment Supply Services

With many years of professional experience, we can be your future reliable pharmaceutical machine and equipment supplier worldwide. We successfully satisfy the needs of our clients in the pharma, food, biotechnology, chemical, and cosmetic industry, covering their needs in all kind of machinery including special turn-key equipment.

More specifically, we have agreements with a vast list of production factories all over the world enabling us easily and very quickly to source any machine / equipment a potential client is looking for; hence we can provide outstanding solutions to Europe, U.S., Japan, Korea, South Asia, Russia, Australia and MENA countries.

We can source for you

  • Tablet Process Line (Milling, Mixing, Granulating, Drying, Discharging, Dry Granulating, Vacuum Suction, Final Mixing, Tableting, Coating)
  • Powder Equipment
  • Pellet Equipment
  • Extraction Equipment
  • Ointment & Cream Equipment
  • Oral Dosage Equipment
  • Injection Equipment
  • Visual Inspection Equipment
  • Laser Drilling Equipment
  • Capsule Filling Equipment
  • Freeze dryers
  • Syringe filling machine
  • Capsule filling machine
  • Tablet capsule visual inspection machine
  • Pinhole inspector
  • PTP(blister) packaging machine
  • PAT process analysis equipment
  • Other requested Equipment tailor made to your needs

We also provide

  • ¬†Technical project consulting
  • Layout & production plan consulting
  • Manufacturing / quality inspection
  • Process optimization & performance consulting
  • Installation & commissioning
  • Factory acceptance test (FAT)
  • Installation test running / Site Acceptance Test (SAT)
  • Training
  • After sales service

Ultimately, while upholding the core values of the past, our global vision is to provide modern, top quality, overall customer satisfaction services and build a strong international name.